After I read Budi's comments on previous post.. i searched informations regarding East Timor issue. Well.. guess Budi was right, East Timor wasn't Indonesian territory after all.. When i learned this fact.. it's hard for me to accept it. I think it's our, at least mine, habit to condemn other people who share different values with us..
In this East Timor issue for instance.. i hate East Timor people for their decided to separate from Indonesia.. From my point of view, they were just like disrespectful children.. Indonesian government liberated them and nurture them (though in the end, the goverment nurtured them wrong) and then they're asking separation. Maybe East Timorese people who know the truth.. will equally codemned Indonesian people. It's like hearing those people who says Prophet Muhammad was a crazy man possessed by demonic spirit.. It's hurt to hear such thing
Maybe that's the reason for any conflicts that occur in every part of the world nowadays.. We share different values and norms, and never have the slightest effort to put ourselves in other people shoes.. We always seek and destroy everything that doesn't make us comfortable or even worse, everything that don't yield benefit to us.
We urgently need to build bridge to share our common values, of course we do have common values. We don't like other people insult us! so don't insult other people!! .. we don't like other people mess up with our country!! so don't mess up with others' countries!! we don't like other people mess up with our faith!! so don't mess up with others' faith..

Well.. it's always easier said than done..
or maybe.. we need a new history book

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