It started last night, when i stumbled upon script.aculo.us . It's a javascript library you can use to build a web site using AJAX technology. But no.. i'm not in love with AJAX. So in this site i involuntarily clicked a link and went to Ruby on Rails.. I thought " what is this Ruby on Rails..? what does a ruby do on rails? .. it must be some kind of stupid ruby..". After a couple of minutes i understand that Rails is a web application framework using Ruby.. This Rails, its promise is to make a web application with less effort on XML things. So then i thought that this Ruby must be some thing you can use to develop a web application.. it's obviously a computer programming language.
So now i think i'm falling in love with Ruby...
What is Ruby? hmm.. think i've mentioned it before that it's a programming language.. a high-level one.. It's created by one japanese named Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) in 1993. The philosophy behind Ruby is to enjoy life, to make programmers happy.. well, you can read the interview about the philosopy of Ruby here..

Yukihiro Matsumoto
taken without permission from http://rubyfr.net

So my journey continued when i found poignant guide to ruby.. a guide written in interesting way.. i could feel that there are so much love in this guide.. I didn't know somehow i had a feeling that this Ruby is going to rock my world too...
But now, all i can do is reading the poignant guide and see Ruby and its beauty .. I can't touch it yet.. because i didn't install Ruby on my Fedora Core.. and my internet connection is too damn slow!! it takes an hour just to download 4 MB!!.
Will this love last forever??..

--- "Don't underestimate the human factor. Even thought we are in front of computers, they are media. We are working for human, with human." -Yukihiro Matsumoto

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