Hmm.. how about my new blog layout .?. it's not finished yet and looks buggy on Internet Explorer 6.. I guess it has something to do with the lists.. But it looks nice in Firefox 1.5.01... at least in my computer.. and Opera 8.5 renders my new layout nicely too, except for the semi-transparent floating box! since it doesn't support opacity filter. I haven't tested it with another browser or even screen reader yet .So if you happen to you use any screen reader or other browsers, please let me know how my blog looks!
Honestly i think you SHOULD use Firefox, it's free, and it's great.. it's so much easier and so much fun designing for Firefox-friendly site.. Ugh this browser incompatibility sucks! will XUL solve this?? i don't know.. i don't even have any idea what XUL is.. I'm not trying to over evangelize Firefox, but hey!! you have nothing to lose.. having two browsers is always better than one. You can use Firefox for browsing and IE for giving your desktop a sense of geekiness (more icons on desktop is considered geekier by some.. i thought so..).. at least until IE 7 is released.
Umm.. maybe i'll continue working on my blog some other time (which is quite soon since i don't have many things to do ;-p), luckily there are still so many things to learn..
For you who like to tinker with web design, especially working with CSS, you should visit CSSZenGarden, there are so many examples on how to make beautiful web design with CSS, or you can always just googling.. there are abundant amount of resources about CSS or web design..
So.. enjoy life and stay true to your heart!! (?!)
yeah right.. like there are gazillion of people reading your stupid Blog!!

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