Wow... got email from hostpoo admin, saying that now hostpoo come with whoopping 500MB webspace with ftp access!. Isn't that great? And free email is on the way too!!! FOR FREE .. wow that's just crazy. Ok, maybe typo is not as easy as blogger to use (it doesn't have post editor), but if all you need is a blog space, plus 500MB bonus and know little HTML, Textile or SmartyPants, then go give hostpoo a try. Heck.. 500MB free web space is more than enough to lure me.. ;-p
Oh and by the way.. rocket post sucks! It constantly freezes whenever I try to enter hyperlinks. I know i use the free one, but still.. ah nevermind.. i'm planning to leave my 'bajakan' windows, and start using linux as my main OS. Just so you know, i've been planning to do this like.. forever and always found reason to use 'bajakan' windows again. The problem with linux is the dialup connection feels slower than windows. I use wvdial and firefox , it feels slower. Oh and i got this occasional freezes back then, when i used FC4. Now with Debian (thanks Dani!) the freezing problem is gone but the slower connection isn't. Ok, don't start telling me to use lynx... I did try to use it, and found it hard to like it. Besides, i'm a guy with a huge sense of art (i think) and lynx' presentation is no art to me.

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